4 Ways Tree Lopping Benefits Trees

Posted on: 7 November 2019

Tree lopping is probably the most complicated tree trimming method. Compared to other methods like pruning and selective cutting, lopping is a very drastic method, as it removes very large sections of a tree. A complete branch or even a stem will be cut all the way back with only the stub remaining. Lopping, however, is necessitated by specific conditions and has a wide array of benefits. Here are four of them.
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Two important pieces of information you must give an arborist before they cut down your tree

Posted on: 4 November 2019

Before you ask an arborist to cut down your tree, you should give them the following two important pieces of information. Tell them whether or not the tree features any poisonous components Most arborists will have plenty of experience with cutting down trees that feature poisonous fruit, bark or other toxic components and will rarely, if ever, refuse to remove them. However, if you have a tree that you know has poisonous parts (for example, if you need a strychnine tree removed), then you must give the arborist some warning before you use his or her services.
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What Factors Affect the Cost of Tree Felling and Removal

Posted on: 1 November 2019

If one of the trees in your compound is in danger of falling or its dead, you should seek tree removal services right away. However, most property owners like DIYing because they think that the cost of hiring an expert is high. The truth is that professionals offer quality services because they have the knowledge, experience, and the right equipment for the job. What's more, they will ensure your loved ones are safe throughout the process by using the right tree removal technique that suits your requirements.
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Time to Stump Up: 3 Ways a Tree Stump Could Cost You Money

Posted on: 31 October 2019

When you remove a tree, unless you plan to put the stump to use, it's a good idea to remove the tree's stump as well. Yes, it's true that you'll have to pay extra for stump removal. However, if you leave the stump in the ground, you run the risk of forking out in various other ways. Here are 3 costly reasons to opt for stump removal along with the tree:
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