4 Ways Tree Lopping Benefits Trees

Posted on: 7 November 2019

Tree lopping is probably the most complicated tree trimming method. Compared to other methods like pruning and selective cutting, lopping is a very drastic method, as it removes very large sections of a tree. A complete branch or even a stem will be cut all the way back with only the stub remaining. Lopping, however, is necessitated by specific conditions and has a wide array of benefits. Here are four of them.

Improves Structure of the Tree

Lopping enhances the overall appearance of the tree and, by extension, its surroundings. Terms and conditions apply, though. It has to be done by someone experienced in the work to ensure that the tree's anatomy is not damaged. As a homeowner, you need to hire someone who can work to meet your expectations.

Tree lopping can be designed to follow a specific theme. This is why it is critical to select the best landscaping service provider you can find to get the lopping done. Often, landscaping service providers also offer lopping services.  

Saves the Tree

Tree lopping can help to save a tree that has been attacked by certain types of plant diseases or even one that has been struck by lightning. The trimming experts will typically get rid of the part that has been damaged by the disease or lightning. It is somewhat like removing a cancerous tumour from a patient to prevent the disease from spreading further. For trees, this allows new branches to grow.

It is nonetheless important to note that not all trees can be saved by trimming; the extent of the tree damage is a key determinant. For a tree that is damaged beyond a point where it can be saved by trimming, you may want to consider alternative options, such as tree removal.

Protects Property and Lives

Trees can easily bring down storeyed buildings. Falling trees have been reported to cause property damages and injuries to people. Sometimes, these accidents could have been prevented through the application of trimming solutions such as lopping. Lopping reduces the weight of trees. Therefore, if the tree were to fall in future, the extent of the damage, if any, would be lessened. As previously mentioned, with lopping, you can remove specific branches that extend dangerously towards buildings, power cables, roads and other spaces frequented by people.

Stimulates Growth of Other Trees

Lopping catalyses the growth of not only the tree in question but also other trees and plants near it. It is common knowledge that plants require enough sunlight to grow. For this reason, shorter trees and plants under the shade of a massive tree are likely to suffer stunted growth because of the canopy.

To salvage this situation, the spread and perhaps height of the tree must be reduced to provide clearance for sun's rays to go through. The recommended technique is to remove the overgrown branches to allow sunlight to reach shorter trees and plants and reverse the stunted growth.  

For more information, contact a tree lopping professional.