5 Questions to Ask a Tree Removal Service

Posted on: 21 October 2022

Tree removal is sometimes necessary, due to location, health, or safety concerns. Hiring a skilled tree removal service for the task is a good idea, and the following questions can help you choose the best one. 

1. Does the Service Have Experience?

When shopping services, ask for examples of their work. Most tree removal companies should be happy to provide you with a list of past client referrals that you can reach out to. Further, many services have portfolios of pictures that show the before and after of trees they have removed, so that you can verify that the service has experience with your particular type of removal.

2. What Equipment Is Necessary?

Every tree removal is different. Small trees in open spaces, for example, may be simply dug out. A big tree in a tight space may require lifts and other special equipment for removal. Verify what equipment is necessary for your specific situation so that you can be sure the service you choose has what they need to do the job correctly.

3. Will the Service Handle Permissions?

Permits from the council are typically required for removing trees, especially if the tree is considered at risk or protected. Filling out the paperwork for removal permission and filing for permits can be an involved process. Opting for a tree service that handles this step will save you time, in part because the service will have the experience to properly file any paperwork.

4. Is Their Insurance Up to Date?

Any service on your property must be able to show proof that they are licensed and insured. Not only does having the proper paperwork protect you, but it also helps verify that the service is legit. If damage occurs to your property or if there is an injury during removal, the service should be liable and have insurance to cover the damages so that you won't be stuck with the bill. 

5. What Is Included With the Removal?

Basic removal tasks include the actual cutting down of the tree, along with stump removal and site cleanup. When gathering quotes, verify what tasks are included in the removal so that you can compare the prices accurately. Some services will only quote the actual cutting down of the tree, with stump removal and site cleanup costing extra. Others will provide a quote that includes everything from removal to restoring the removal area afterward.

Reach out to a tree removal service for more help.