Reasons to Consider Tree Removal in Your Yard

Posted on: 16 July 2021

While trees add value to a home and provide lovely green foliage, they may need to be removed sometimes. Here are several reasons why you should consider removing a tree from your property.

Disease Riddled

Diseased trees can be treatable by an arborist. However, at times, the disease may be too widespread. Signs of a sick tree include discoloured leaves in spring and summer, bark spots and growths on the bark, a crumbly and cracking trunk, and infestations by termites and other pests. The disease of one tree can infect other plants in the garden, and sometimes the best option is to remove the tree if it can't be rescued.

Dead Trees

A dead tree creates a hazard in the garden. Such a tree is unpredictable and precarious, as limbs could drop off at any time. Whether it's in the garden or overhanging your house, the next storm could bring branches crashing down to cause injury or property damage. Additionally, deadwood attracts termites and rats, both of which like to live within a dead trunk. These vermin may decide to migrate to your house.

Wrong Location

Sometimes, you might need to remove a tree due to its location. For example, its roots might shove up against your house and damage the foundation, putting the building at risk. Roots can also disrupt a driveway or footpath if they're burgeoning in the wrong spot. In some cases like these, the best solution is to remove the tree to save other parts of the property.

Damaged Branches

Wild storms and winds can sometimes wreak havoc even on healthy trees. Branches can split or crack, but not snap off right away. Broken limbs are precarious and dangerous, especially if it's near an area where people walk or park their cars. In these cases, depending on the damage, you may need to remove part or the entire tree.

Thus, there are a variety of reasons why you might consider tree removal on your property. Diseased trees may not be salvageable, and if they're left to rot, the disease can spread to other plants. In that situation, the best solution can be to remove it entirely. Dead trees attract termites and other pests, and these hazardous trees can fall down at any time, making removal crucial. Another reason to consider removing a tree is if its roots disrupt a nearby building or paving, causing harm to the property.