Signs That You Should Remove Your Tree

Posted on: 25 November 2019

Trees provide a pleasant ambience, which improves the value of a property. They also offer clean and fresh air, which makes the environment calm and relaxing. Despite their benefits, however, trees can show various signs of declining health and eventually die. 

When some of the tree parts become unwell, they can easily fall off and damage your property. In addition, a sick tree can act as a breeding site for dangerous pests. So, when do you know if it is the right time to remove your tree? Here are warning signs to look for.

Lack of leaves

Leaves improve the natural appearance of a tree to make it more beautiful. If your main motivation for planting the trees was to add value to your property, then a tree without leaves is of no importance to your home. Although it is normal for trees to shed leaves during some seasons, seek tree removal services when the tree drops all its leaves.

Branches hanging on your property

Branches that hang over your property can easily fall and damage the property during a storm. They might damage your gutter systems or land on other costly equipment. The best way to avoid future dangers is to look for tree removal experts to advise you and likely cut off the tree on your behalf. Depending on the condition of the branches and the entire tree, the tree removal experts may decide to trim the affected branches only.

Fungi and pests on the tree

Mushrooms and other types of fungi indicate that your tree is not healthy. Some parts of the tree must be rotting for the fungus to grow. When the tree starts to rot, it is better to remove it early. Also, if you notice that your tree has become a habitat for pests such as scorpions, worms or rodents, tree removal may be a suitable option. If the pest control methods you use do not work on them because of adverse effects on the environment, do not hesitate to remove the tree.

In all the above conditions, you can decide to remove the tree by yourself, but you will risk making mistakes or hurting yourself. Tree removal experts use the right equipment and understand all the techniques for removing a tree. In addition, they can also give you valuable advice on how to handle your tree's condition. Call a tree removal service today.