When Was The Last Time You Really Took Care Of Your Trees?

Posted on: 22 November 2019

Trees are central features in most people's backyards, and it is not uncommon to have two or three scattered around your home. With them being such an important part of your garden, it is astonishing to see how often people neglect their trees. After all, you most likely mow your garden fairly regularly and constantly be pruning the flowers and watering the rest of the plants. Trees need help to reach their full potential, both aesthetically and for the health of the trees in the foreseeable future. Here are a couple of services you should consider getting your tree to help it grow into its best self.

Tree Lopping Service

A tree lopper is someone who prunes trees by removing certain sections that are either growing too fast, are in the way of other plants or simply don't look good. The practice behind tree lopping is one that dates back over a hundred years. The simple truth is that plants need to be pruned to maintain a healthy growth that doesn't take over your entire garden. If your garden feels like it is constantly living in the shadow of a couple of monstrous trees, then it is time to teach them who is boss. Get a tree lopper in and make your backyard a more palatable scene. Your tree will thank you, and so will your neighbours.

Arborist Service

An arborist is more of a specialty occupation than a tree lopper. You should call them in when you see your tree's health suffering. If you can see the tree's bark being affected by a visible disease or you just get the feeling that your tree is not growing as it should, you should call an arborist. You know your trees and plants better than anyone, and you know when one is not acting the same. Think of an arborist as a bit of a tree doctor. In that sense, they can also perform facelifts on your tree by making them look much more presentable with only a few alterations.

Tree Removal Service

If you have left your trees alone for too long, you might be surprised to see that one of them has died. Dead trees can still stay upright for years if not longer, so there is no immediate rush. However, eventually, you will need to get the tree removed from your yard so it does not become a danger to your home. This is, of course, the last resort, but it is one that many people neglect once a tree has died. Whenever you see a news story about trees falling over in heavy winds, those are likely to be dead trees that weren't properly removed. Don't become another statistic and wait for something bad to happen — get in some tree removal experts and start fresh.

For more information, contact a tree removal company.