Are the Trees in Your Back Garden Ready for the Next Disaster?

Posted on: 22 November 2019

Australia is, unfortunately, very prone to significant weather-related events, and this has certainly been in the news recently. Due to widespread drought conditions and prevailing winds, wildfires have been tearing up certain states and territories, and many people believe that this could be the new norm in the future. If you haven't been directly affected by these events, then count yourself lucky, but think about what you could do to try and reduce your exposure. After all, you will want to protect yourself as much as possible in case the unthinkable should happen. Trees help to regulate carbon dioxide, and they also help with the visual aesthetic of your home, and you will want to protect them as much as you can. So, what should you do with the trees on your property to get them ready for not just bushfires but other disasters? If they are left to grow unchecked, then the canopy may become too large, and this could make them vulnerable to attack.

Managing Your Trees

You may own a home that is near to what may have been designated as a "bushfire zone." Your property may also be relatively close to the coast and could, in the future, be affected by a land-falling cyclone. In both of these cases, you should think about modifying the condition of your mature trees so that they are better prepared to deal with either threat.

Reducing the Risk

Fire can jump from point to point quite readily in a major outbreak, and if you lop the canopy of your trees back to recommended levels, then they may be able to avoid the worst. Also, they will be able to put up with very high winds more readily, as that wind will be able to blow through the canopy rather than being caught up within it.

Maintaining Your Trees

Don't forget that tree maintenance is a good idea anyway every now and again, as it can help to get rid of dead wood, the potential for infestation or nutrient deficiency.

Experts Only

To protect your trees from damage, talk with an expert tree lopping company in your area to see if you should thin out the canopies of all the trees on your property. If so, they will be able to do this job for you using proper techniques and with full deference to safety but, crucially, without ruining the tree itself.