Tree Damages That Arborists Repair to Create an Elegant Landscape

Posted on: 13 November 2019

Most people associate repair with damaged furniture, electronics, cars and appliances, among other things. But did you know that damaged trees are repairable? Repairing damaged trees is part of what professional arborists do. Trees are valuable commodities of nature, and they add value to your property if they are properly maintained. Don't cut down your damaged trees before you have consulted an experienced arborist to see if they can repair them and make them elegant, pleasant and beautiful again. So what tree damages do arborists repair? Keep reading!

Split Branches or Forks

Tree forks split when the storm hits them or during heavy winds. Let an arborist repair the split forks since they know the tools and skills required to do it. Cutting down a tree with split or crotched branches isn't the only solution, and it should be done if the forks or branches are split beyond repair. An arborist pushes the split branches back to their original position and gives them the support they need to stay intact. They trim the rough areas and clean up the surface to help the branch reconnect to the bark. An arborist ties the branch to another branch if the split is large, but they chop it off if the split is beyond repair.

Torn Bark

Several factors, such as harsh weather and diseases, lead to torn bark. Torn bark should be removed quickly before insects find their way into the affected area. A sharp pruning knife or blade is used to trim the decaying part of a tree. However, this hurts the bark and aggravates the damage if trimming isn't done at the right angle. 

Uprooted Trees

Severe hurricanes and storms uproot trees, and they are sometimes inevitable. You shouldn't go near the trees that hurricanes and storms uproot if you aren't a tree service expert. Call in an arborist if the trees are uprooted to know how they would repair them. Most arborists remove the uprooted trees if all their repair efforts are unfruitful. Arborists know how to brace, tie and straighten the uprooted trees with cables and wires and support them from the ground. Power lifts are some of the equipment that professional arborists use to pull the uprooted tree upright.

Arborists also repair broken branches and bent trees. They advise tree owners on the maintenance that the repaired trees need to boost their growth and health. So don't first think about tree removal if your trees are damaged, but instead consult an arborist to know if they can be repaired.